Ferroman accelerates the transition to sustainable production

Ferroman Engineering delivers integrated solutions, products and services to the Nordic process industry. We ensure our clients production by supplying spare parts as well as developing products and solutions to help our clients to lower their climate impact.

What we do

By combining innovative products and solutions and predictable project execution we accelerate the transition to green production.

Projects & Engineering

Powered by digital technology, strategic partnerships and a strong culture of solving problems, we deliver complex Turn-key projects in a safe, predictable and sustainable way.

Digitalization & Automation

We provide our customers a range of propriety systems and intelligent analytics for inspection and integrity management for collaborative work process integration, optimization and data visualization.

Spare Parts & Equipment

We have extensive experience in optimization of process equipment and spare parts. Through in-house 3D-scanning capabilities we generate the best solution to any problems with the current design or implementation.

What's up?

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Lummus Technology and Ferroman Establish Partnership to Deliver Decarbonization and Digital…

Running Wolf 132 – Aka Mika Neffling

We have expanded our Finnish side and are welcoming Mika Neffling to Team Ferroman!

From electrician to Special Steel sales

We are growing even more and have made room for one more person at the office in Gothenburg.…

Let’s get down to business

We are expanding our business administration team and have welcomed Nicole Niemi to the company.


Employee engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying in business.


Gothenburg & Karlstad in Sweden and Porvoo in Finland.


We invest in your career rather than just providing you a job.


Nr of coffees a day

Sometimes we go hours without drinking coffee. It’s called sleeping.